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Gambling is all about luck, and those of us who are lucky enough can gain a lot from Bitcoin gambling & claiming faucet. You can win a considerable fortune in Bitcoins while gambling on an online Bitcoin casino and have fun while you are at it.

Bitcoin casinos in many terms resemble real casinos as they provide the same thrill of placing real-money bets but have fewer risks and a better chance of winning. Best of all, you can enjoy gambling while sitting in the comfort of your own house using an internet connection without risking your coins.

The challenge that every Bitcoin casino pioneer faced at the beginning was to promote their casino’s growth. Moreover, Bitcoins are more expensive and hard to come by making Bitcoin gambling even more difficult. The solution to this challenge came in the form of a Bitcoin faucet. It solved this problem by providing the players with a small number of free bitcoins to test the games and providing players riskless gambling experience.

What is a Bitcoin faucet?

Bitcoin currency is a decentralized digital currency system that provides complete anonymity to the owner as it does not belong to any government. Bitcoins have made online transactions relatively simpler and easier as it is completely secure and anonymous.

Bitcoin faucets refer to a website that provides cryptocurrency such as Bitcoins for free. These websites reward the user with a Satoshies (a hundred millionth BTC) after completing a captcha.

Captcha is a great way to generate traffic to a website and help you make money by promoting content via the website. Bitcoin faucets reward their users with a Satoshi to introduce them to the cryptocurrency market; however, the reward is minimal. The user needs to accumulate these rewards to build up their earnings over time.

The idea behind creating Bitcoin faucets was to promote cryptocurrency globally. As most people are oblivious to the cryptocurrency world, faucets acted as a motivation to dabble in the new decentralized currency system. Bitcoin faucets, in turn, generate revenue through the traffic on their website. These websites are usually filled with ads to promote different websites and generate revenue for them.

There are several Bitcoin Faucet games as well that can help you earn the currency. You can play several online games and win to earn the cryptocurrency if captcha is not your thing.

It isn’t easy to pinpoint the date when Bitcoin first became popular, but certain events led up to its rising popularity. Satoshi Nakomoto mined the genesis block of cryptocurrency Bitcoin on January 3rd, 2009. However, it wasn’t until November 22nd, 2009 Satoshi welcomed the Bitcoin users on the new Bitcoin forum.

The next logical step to evolve Bitcoin was to establish wallets, block explorers, and currency exchange. In 2010, there were talks of creating an official Bitcoin logo to provide a unique appearance to it. However, it wasn’t until 2017 that Bitcoin gained its official Unicode symbol.

After this, promoting the currency and making it popular globally was the next step in the evolution of Bitcoins. It was not easy to obtain Bitcoin in the early days, and you had to either mine the currency or loan it from someone else.

However, Gavin Andresen, a developer, turned the whole market upside down by creating a faucet. This faucet allowed anyone to claim free Bitcoins from a website. Andersen stated that it was a fluke of luck that this strategy worked which he initially thought to be a dumb idea.

However, this idea worked like magic and helped the nascent cryptocurrency Bitcoin community to grow. His website was giving away 5 Bitcoins to every visitor after completing a captcha. Andersen first lauded the faucet with 1100 Bitcoins. Later, several Bitcoin miners and whales also donated coins to the platform. This strategy worked wonders, and now Bitcoin is one of the most expensive cryptocurrencies in the market.

Why are Bitcoin casinos using faucets?

Bitcoin casinos faucets are the backbone behind making bitcoins popular. The basic principle behind a Bitcoin faucet is to go to a faucet website and perform some simple tasks to earn a reward in terms of Bitcoins.

The main idea behind using a Bitcoin faucet is to familiarize people with this cryptocurrency and encourage them to invest in it. Bitcoin casinos use faucets as a type of marketing strategy. Casinos attract players with a small amount of free Bitcoin money and encourage them to try the games without any risk of losing. As casinos provide the money themselves to the player, the risk of losing his own money is zero. Bitcoin casinos have helped the cryptocurrency to develop and become popular globally.

Bitcoin casino faucets usually only attract non-Bitcoin users looking for a free way to gamble and win real money. To sweeten the pot for the gamblers, these faucet websites list some unique and exciting gambling games that entice them to play and invest their own money.

Can you earn from a Casino faucet promotion?

Yes, you can earn from a Casino faucet promotion. However, the winnings are small, and it takes time and effort to win a sizable amount. Usually, a faucet rewards a user with a Satoshi ( one-millionth of a Bitcoin) when he completes a task or a captcha. This winning is minimal in terms of real money, and even if you perform several tasks a day, you can really only win about $1 USD per day.

However, you can accumulate these wins in a Bitcoin wallet or a micro Wallet. After you have won a sizable amount, you can transfer this amount to your own wallet to either use it as a real currency or save it as Bitcoins. You can also shop on platforms that accept Bitcoin as a payment mode.

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Why is the Bitcoin faucet great for Casino beginners?

Bitcoin faucets help casino beginners to understand the working of a casino without risking their own money. As the faucet provides them with an initial amount to start playing, they can experience the thrill of gambling without losing their own money.

There are several benefits of playing at Bitcoin casinos such as:

  • Bitcoin casinos are quicker at transferring money to the player’s account than traditional online casinos. Unlike traditional casinos, the player can withdraw your winnings easily and quickly.
  • Bitcoin transactions are safer than normal currency transactions. Bitcoins wallet are safer and provide more security than the online security provided by a bank.
  • Few Bitcoin casino faucets also allow the user to gamble while being anonymous. Unlike most online casinos, the player does not have to do online KYC to prove their identity. Their Bitcoin wallet acts as their identity and lets them play anonymously.
  • Bitcoin casino is a great platform for beginners to try their luck without any actual risk of losing money. They can experience the rush of gambling and decide if it’s the right platform for them or not.


Bitcoin casino faucets are the new attraction in the online gambling world and have proven very effective. By luring players with free boot money, these websites can familiarize them with the casino and Bitcoins. All of the sites mentioned on top of the page are the best example of Bitcoin casino faucet websites if you want to try your luck.