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In the past several years, online crypto casinos have become more popular with the Bitcoin payment method’s implementation due to its many benefits.

With many years of experience in the Bitcoin world and a database from hundreds of cryptocurrency casinos reviewed, our team has picked the top 5 Bitcoin Casinos on the market that are currently most popular among players that you can use to start betting.

Best Crypto Casinos
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Looking for Bitcoin sports betting sites?

Determine what is ideal BTC Casino suitable for you

Before you start gambling with Bitcoin you need to pay attention to several requirements:

What Bitcoin Games I like to Play?

Based on your game preferences what you find most entertaining to you, choose a casino that has available games you like.

If you prefer to place bets in several games like Dice, Poker, Live Dealer table games & Sportsbook, use a casino that has all of them so you don’t have to switch platforms on several BTC gambling sites unnecessarily.

What Bitcoin Bonuses Casino offer?

Casino promotions are essential in gambling because of decreasing house edge, a predetermined mathematical casino advantage from which casino profits are determined in the longer run.

Any bonus received from the crypto casino greatly impacts chances to profit and provides you with a fun & longer gambling experience on BTC casino.

These are some of the standard incentives that casino offers, most of them are also followed with additional VIP bonuses:

  • Rakeback
  • Cashback
  • Jackpot
  • Faucet
  • Reload
  • Welcome bonus
  • Deposit bonus
  • Free spins
  • Giveaways
  • Bonus drops

Is Bitcoin casino provably fair?

Provably Fair or also know as Provable Fair, is an algorithm where player or casino can prove their bet transparency and determine if the result they received in a bet is fair and unmanipulated from the casino side.

The concept is a revolutionary game-changer, but sadly, it’s only recognized and accepted by crypto casinos.

You will always find Provably Fair sites on top places on our site because we strongly believe that this concept should be implemented on every casino game.

Find out what are the best casinos that offers Provably Fair games:

How much is the house edge or RTP of games?

The game you play may have several variations. Many casinos may offer the same game but slightly different multipliers and graphics. As a result of changes, the game could have a surprisingly high house advantage, which drastically decreases your chances to profit.

What are the minimum and maximum bet payouts?

All Bitcoin Casinos have set limits of bet payouts according to their bankroll. This is how much they could risk if the player profit so they can have enough funds to pay the player.

To sum up, if the limits are too small and you are playing high stakes using the martingale Bitcoin strategy, you would eventually hit a cap of profit that could mess your technique of placing bets and end up with a lot of busted coins.

Can I gamble anonymously on a Bitcoin casino?

Most sites on our suggested lists don’t ask for KYC information (Know Your Customer), which means you can play anonymously without submitting an ID or passport.

The only thing to keep in mind is that licensed casinos have government regulations to follow. In case there is suspicion that you are laundering Bitcoin or breaching any other casino terms of services, you will be asked for mandatory identity verification.

Can I use VPN to access Bitcoin Casino?

Yes. VPN applications are nothing you should afraid of using. You have the right to protect your online identity and secure your connection between the site and your device.

How fast are withdrawals processed?

Instant withdrawals is MUST. No exceptions.

What is the limit you can deposit and withdraw per day?

Deposit limits are impossible to regulate in Crypto because you are yourself a payment processor. Once you see a Bitcoin address, nobody can limit how many coins you can send to it.

Withdrawal limits per day in crypto does not exist, you can withdraw as much as casino bankroll can cover it.

Do the Crypto Gambling sites have online support and how fast are they resolving issues?

No matter how great the Crypto casino is, there is always some information that you would like to know about the casino. In essence, reliable and fast support is a must.

Is Bitcoin gambling legal?

Despite governments trying to shut down Bitcoin casinos and censure the internet in some countries. Nevertheless, even accessing from a restricted country that retrains you from sites that they think you should not have access to, no regulatory body can stop you from spending coins the way you like.

Everything considered, Bitcoin Gambling should be legal worldwide regardless bans.

Advantages of using Bitcoin Casino

  • Independent casino
  • Fast registration
  • Higher amount of bonuses
  • Increased privacy
  • Fast payment processing of withdrawals
  • Low withdrawal fees
  • Accessibility
  • Fair and transparent bets

Disadvantages of using Bitcoin Casino

  • Congestion on Bitcoin Blockchain may cause a delay with deposit transactions
  • Bitcoin price fluctuation
  • Hackers target

Bitcoin vs Altcoins

BTC is the first crypto launched. However, even accepted by millions of users the Bitcoin Blockchain has flaws that couldn’t be predicted by the creator in the early stages of development.

Bitcoin has the highest price comparing other coins, however, nowadays there are more coins on market that are technically better than Bitcoin, those coins are sharing same algorithm as Bitcoin but the difference is in better transaction protocol with decreased fees and much other contract options.

Bitcoin Casino history

The earliest and successful stages of the Bitcoin payment method implemented in gambling are dating from 2012 on The site has just one game called Dice. In fact, this is also the first site that implemented the Provably Fair algorithm into decentralized betting that triggered many sites later to start DAPP (Decentralized application) casinos know as blockchain betting.

Bitcoin Guide

Bitcoin is an innovative type of payment that allows the transaction to be made anonymously without interfering with banks and the government. It’s created by a mysterious person or group called Satoshi Nakamoto, which by this day remains unknown who stands behind it.

Where to Buy Bitcoin?

Nowadays, there are plenty of options where you can convert your Bitcoin to cash or transfer it to your bank account. We provide you with best 3 places where you can purchase or trade Bitcoins.

  1. iBanDirect – Easiest for starters. Card for ATM available. This site offers a Bitcoin card, which you can use to buy things from the internet, pay bills, including withdrawing cash from ATM. So far proven as the easiest method to sell your Bitcoins with this Visa card.
  2. Cex – This exchange allows you to buy Bitcoin or any other altcoin with your card easily. It also has a great and fast withdrawal system where you can cash out money to your debit card directly and instantly.
  3. Binance – Huge exchange allows you to buy a large amount of coins or exchange them for another currency.

More info on Guide how to buy your first coins:

What Wallet to Use to Store Coins Safely?

Due to the nature of cryptocurrencies, the users who use them are the main target of hackers. That is why you need to have a protected wallet where you can store your coins securely.