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Bitcoin has been popping up everywhere in the mainstream media and everywhere in the technology industry worldwide. In a few years, Bitcoin has become increasingly popular and has taken over the cryptocurrency market. It is currently the highest-grossing of any other cryptocurrency and has been integrated with various industries. Bitcoin has also taken over the online gambling industry and has become the go-to currency for gambling online. One of the most popular gambling games that have emerged above every other is Bitcoin poker.

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People love to play poker and test their gambling skills while at it. At every casino, poker is one of the biggest attractions, and now online casinos let you play the game while at the comfort of your home. Bitcoin has presented a unique opportunity for poker as the government does not monitor its usage for gambling. That means theoretically, the government in your country cannot regulate your online gambling using Bitcoin.

How to play Bitcoin Poker?

Playing Bitcoin poker is very easy and does not require you to understand the working of Bitcoins itself. Just like casinos in real life accept money to cash in while playing poker, some websites use Bitcoins instead of money. You can simply cash in your Bitcoins for gambling chips and start playing the game. Certain websites accept Bitcoin for gambling but convert it into the standard currency while playing the game for your easy understanding.

The most complicated process for playing Bitcoin poker is acquiring Bitcoins. You have to go to a money exchange to convert your money into Bitcoins and a Bitcoin wallet to store that money.

What are Bitcoin Poker Variations?

Poker probably is the only game that has several different variations that you can play. Some of the popular Bitcoin Poker variations are:

Bitcoin Texas Holdem Poker

Bitcoin Texas Holdem poker is undoubtedly the most popular version of poker on the web. It is an easy game to play, but it takes a lot of experience and the ability to read people to master it. In this game, every player only gets two cards each. The player can then use three out of the five communal cards that are dealt in three stages to come up with the best hand. Players can make a bet at every stage to spice up the game and keep it interesting.

Omaha Holdem Poker

Omaha is a variation of Bitcoin Texas Holdem poker and is also a communal card game. In this game, instead of two cards, every player is dealt with four cards. You can use these cards to combine with the cards on the table to come up with the best hand.

You can choose to use all or any card from the four cards in your hand to combine with the cards on the table, which increases the combinations multi-fold.

Why play Poker with Bitcoin?

Real money is usually considered imperative for gambling online, but it’s the only thing keeping poker from being regulated like other video games. Bitcoin is considered the safest way to gamble online as it is a digital currency and is not regulated by any governmental organization. Also, as there are no banks involved, you can easily transfer Bitcoin to and from in a matter of seconds. Bitcoin has fundamentally revolutionized the gambling industry and will continue to do so in the future.