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Tips how to stay under Casino radars and play Bitcoin gambling games anonymously.

As you might hear most Crypto Gambling sites do not require ID KYC, no ID verification means you can gamble incognito without your government or anyone knows who you really are & where you are coming from.

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Follow our Guide if you want to gamble without ID and place bets anonymously

1. Incognito email

Before you start gambling or any other internet activity you need to make sure that your real identity is fully private. To keep your identity anonymous, the first thing you gonna do is to create a secured and encrypted email. This kind of email is fully private and does not require your personal information.

There are many encrypted email sites that offers this service, however we can suggest one of reliable: ProtonMail

While you creating an incognito email, make sure to use incognito pseudonyms, that could be anything but just not related to your real name & surname or location.

2. Install a VPN software on your device to mask your location

With VPN software your physical location (IP address) will be somewhere else, that way the Casino that you’re accessing won’t know your real location.

ZenMate is one of the free VPN providers, it’s an easy app to install and offers great speed. You can download it from their site:

Bear in mind that some Casinos have restricted territories from which you can’t play because of laws. Always make sure to read their terms & conditions and never choose the USA location on the VPN app. For instance, if you are on holidays in the US you won’t be able to play on most Bitcoin Casinos, however with VPN app you can mask your real location and access the site even there are IP blocks for that county, this also works for other restricted countries where gambling is illegal.

3. Casino anonymous registration

Rules to follow:

  • Incognito gambling only worked on casinos that we posted at the beginning of this page
  • Always use VPN turned ON while you accessing the site
  • On account sign up enter your ProtonMail & choose a random username that is not related to you, but make sure to remember it
  • Avoid submitting your ID verification
  • Avoid using public chat and bragging about that you are gambling anonymously
  • Never share your personal information like name, surname, location, etc on Casino with anyone
  • Less important but good to follow: for withdrawing Bitcoin funds from Casino always use a fresh Bitcoin address that you haven’t used before, most decentralized wallets support generating a new address. That way nobody can relate you with addresses that you used before.

If you are newbie with Bitcoin casinos check this page how to start:

For Advanced online anonymity use Tails

How to setup Tails:

Can I play on Bitcoin Casino from USA?

Yes, with the following process explained above you can gamble from any location on planet earth where you have an internet connection.

Can I gamble anonymously from UK?

There are no limits from where you can play incognito on BTC casino game.

How long I can play anonymously on Casino?

Certain casinos might ask you for ID after some period of time, but most that we tested won’t.

Can I withdraw funds when playing incognito?

Yes, you can. Bitcoin Casino has no right to keep your balance and winnings. If they allowed you to deposit without ID information, then you can cash out funds without ID.

Is gambling anonymously illegal?

We all have the right to keep our identity secured, gambling is legal this way. But keep in mind that you cannot use this article for malicious purposes to abuse the site promotions and their Terms & Conditions.