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DuckDice began with just one game (dice), however, in Feb 2019, there exists a total of three games: dice, lottery, and sniper.DuckDice features a lot of different silly marketing promotions and bonus deals, just like Duck Hunt Interactive Game (more on that later), Rain, and then daily wagering competitions

DuckDice can be described as a cryptocurrency dice gambling internet site founded in 2016. They’re certified and licensed by the Government of Curacao. A look at our Thunderpick analysis shows another trustworthy site along with the same license. The primary focus of DuckDice is undoubted, as the name indicates, dice. But, there are a bunch of secondary games that clients can enjoy. DuckDice is a great, user-friendly site. It has a comprehensive COMMONLY ASKED QUESTIONS section that answers nearly every question a brand new user is likely to come with. Additionally, there is a forum on the site where clients can discuss game titles, promotions, cryptocurrency, and also other related topics or ask for help if required. A huge point in favor of DuckDice is definitely the odds they provide. The “house” just features a 1% edge and that’s better than you’ll find almost just about anywhere. The average house edge for on the web casinos is about 5%

DuckDice review

DuckDice.io is a provably fair Bitcoin and simply cryptocurrency dice internet site founded at the end of 2016. The website comes with a valid casino certificate from Curacao, which isn’t the most powerful of types, nevertheless much better than nothing in any case.

DuckDice began with just one game (dice), however, in February 2019 there exists a total of three games: dice, lottery, and sniper. All three games are provably fair.

In recent years DuckDice opened up also a forum within their internet site. That’s a really good addition and gives some trust to the DuckDice staff. One can speak about marketing promotions, bonus deals, gaming applications and ask for support in the forum as well if you want.

Duckdice Support The Following Cryptocurrencies

One can enjoy 12 cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Monero, Ripple, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Gold, Stellar, and Zcash.

Just lately DuckDice added even more withdrawal choices. Certainly one can withdraw with all cryptocurrencies, however now the withdrawals are feasible with credit cards, Qiwi, Yandex, or perhaps Phone (Beeline, Megafon, MTS, or Tele2).

DuckDice – Advantages

  • Quick and easy gameplay with good manual
  • Superfast deposits and DOZE cryptocurrencies supported
  • Comprehensive autoplay options
  • Plenty of funny bonus marketing promotions and game titles
  • Extremely alive community and live chat in the internet site
  • Low 1% house edge

DuckDice – Disadvantages

  • Just 3 games out there
  • Actually quite inferior graphical content
  • The casino reserves the right to closed and retains the cryptocurrencies from accounts that have been inactive for Six months – therefore do not forget your coins within DuckDice for a long period!

The website features a really good guide when you attend the site the first time.

DuckDice features a lot of different marketing promotions and bonus deals, just like Duck Hunt Online Casino game, Bitcoin Faucet, Rain, and daily wagering competitions.

Low house edge and as well, fast financial transactions

Additionally, the house edge is merely 1%, and that’s regarded as really low. Generally, the house edge is someplace in the FIVE percent range in on the web casinos and perhaps 10-15% in brick-and-mortar casinos. Low house edge boosts your possible winnings for a long time and is typically a nice plus.

Generally speaking, DuckDice seems like a very fun small casino with humorous bonus deals and a dynamic community. If you need a touch of quick Bitcoin dice fun with not so much eye candy, Duck Dice is actually a wise decision to suit your needs.

Cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals are actually almost immediate according to cryptocurrency network system traffic.

We examined the casino by using a 0.003 BTC deposit. Pretty much instantly in less than 15 seconds, there was clearly a notification of the deposit in DuckDice. Following 1 confirmation the deposit was playable, this time it took some A couple of minutes.

The number of blockchain confirmations required depends upon what currency and the deposit quantity, nevertheless this time 1 was more than enough.

DuckDice Bonuses

DuckDice.io provides you with quite many special bonus deals. Below we describe a few of these. The complete list is visible within the DuckDice internet site -> Bonus deals

Duck Hunt interactive casino game
The duck will look flying over a game display screen in an arbitrary direction and the random period
The duck will appear just for users with an open live chat (therefore on a mobile phone, it does merely show up when you are inside the chat)
To be able to win free coins player are required to shoot the duck (click within the duck)
The award for a shot duck is normally 0.00001 BTC
We have to say that it is a great very first time we see a Duck Hunt game on an on the web casino but we absolutely sure enjoy it!

Dice Progressive Jackpot

How you can hit a jackpot? The progressive jackpot can be described as a jackpot that increases every time the game is performed but the jackpot isn’t earned.

As soon as the progressive jackpot is earned, the jackpot for the following play is totally reset to the base value which can be 0.25 BTC. To earn the jackpot you should hit the roll 7777 as well as the last symbol of your IDENTIFICATION bet should be 7 i.e: xxxxxxxxx7. Your bet amount also impacts the jackpot size and you may get more information from the DuckDice bonus page.

The moment writing that (march 25, 2021) the jackpot overall size turned out to be 0.58752104 BTC

Lucky Bet reward

The Lucky Bet bonus is undoubtedly periodically held to let the ducklings (players) gain a little extra coins gambling with all the certain bet chance and quantity. The champions will be selected depending on their bet figures.

Bitcoin Faucet

To be able to claim the Faucet, you need to not lose a tic-tac-toe game against a desktop computer or real performer. You may have 3 attempts
The Faucet is a feature that gives free of charge coins for trying this online game
The Faucet amount depends upon your level, which ranges from Zero ducks (Faucet 0.0000015 BTC) to five ducks (0.000035 BTC).
Wagering competitions
Here are day-by-day wagering competitions in which the 15 most wagering ducklings (players) be given a bonus. The moment writing that the largest wagerer takes an award of 0.01 BTC going down to 0.0000016 BTC to the 15th very best wagerer.

Wagering Prize Computation Equation:

  • First place – 0.2% of the current duckling’s wagering quantity, max 0.01 BTC
  • Second place – 0.15% of the current duckling’s wagering quantity, max 0.005 BTC
  • Third place – 0.13% of the current duckling’s wagering quantity, max 0.0025 BTC
  • 15th place – 0.01% of the current duckling’s wagering quantity, max 0.001 BTC
  • Rain
  • Rain is a real reward that is awarded to just about all dynamic writers inside the live chat.

Through this bonus the algorithm choices arbitrary members from the live chat, a lot more messages you have mailed – the greater the likelihood to get below the bad weather. Here the bad weather equals money.

But also if you only have delivered one message, one can nonetheless get rain.

DuckDice Bonus codes

No DuckDice bonus code is required to obtain an advantage of the different bonus deals. Simply click any hyperlink in this review to sign up for your account.

DuckDice Free spins

At this time DuckDice does not offer any free spins when signing up an account or throughout the gameplay.

DuckDice Casino games

DuckDice presents three provably fair game titles: dice, lottery, and sniper. That is common to the classic Bitcoin dice niche sites, which usually just have one or simply a few game titles.

Dice game

The graphical content in dice is definitely inferior when compared to more flashier on the web casinos, nevertheless, gameplay operates super fast. Additionally, the concept of the dice game is straightforward to grasp when participating in the very first time because of the exceptional manual

Duckdice Details

4.5 rating
4.5 rating